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Real-time casinos have now gained unprecedented popularity and in fact they are present in most of the registered and regularly platforms. As far as this game is concerned, the substantial difference between a product with flesh-and-blood croupier and the corresponding online table is that the first is no longer regulated by the system of random numerical generation because it is the dealer to distribute the cards and manage the but no. With the latter it is possible to interact directly via chat and there is no safer way to bet since everything can always be kept under control by the player himself. The risks of manipulation and fraud are therefore practically zero.

There are certainly no well-defined rules or absolute winning strategies when playing cards blackjack. However it is possible to develop mathematical calculations to develop tactics that can increase the chances of winning. There are several tables in circulation that can be consulted during a single hand, in order to make it more successful. All this is possible only and exclusively if you play in real time, while in an online table such mathematical calculations make no sense given the randomness of the results . Returning to the calculation tables, it must be said that, depending on the variant on which you are playing and the rules applicable in it, you need to use different ones.

Obviously the number of combinations and possibilities during a cards blackjack hand are many and there are as many strategic calculations that can be worked out to win. It can be easily understood, starting from this, that keeping them in mind is impossible. On the other hand, it is advisable to consult the strategic tables or spreadsheets that we mentioned in the previous paragraph to make it easier to spot the winning move. Below we show you an example of a strategic table that you can use when playing blackjack.

As already specified above, the average rate of return to the player is normally between 98% and 99% , although in some variants this can drop by several percentage points which can decree a greater margin of advantage for the house and so for the counter. These are variations in a sense of little relevance, but nevertheless it is always good to take a look at the RTP of a certain title before playing. The info is always made available by the casino for all players and can be easily consulted directly from the bookmaker's website.