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Blackjack Winning Strategy

It is a definitive guide to blackjack born thanks to the studies of fans of the game of 21 in Italy, which also draws on international resources, national and international literature and not least, our experiences.There are no real blackjack courses but you can use this section of our site to learn the fundamentals and advanced methods for live and online blackjack. If you think that some information is incorrect or if you want to suggest improvements, please leave a comment here at the bottom of the page.

The player, if he receives with the first deal 2 equal cards ( two kings, two 10, etc.) can perform the " SPLIT " that is to divide the 2 cards and play 2 hands simultaneously; in the case of two Aces, division is allowed but the player can only call one additional card. If, however, with the first 2 cards he makes between 9 and 11 points , he can ask for a doubling of the bet, but in this case he can only ask for another additional card. In case the banker uses an ace as the first card, the players can ask for an insurance , that is to bet a sum, equal to half of the initial bet, on the possibility of the banker to make a BlackJack; in case of Black Jack by the dealer the bet is paid 2: 1, otherwise the player's bet is lost.

This is because blackjack is a game full of charm and mystery , a component that accompanies various games of chance, stuffed as they are with real stories, but also with myths and legends that accompany their origins and their development over the centuries.So even the game of blackjack, since the distant times when, in France in the 1700s, it was known as "Ventuno" , has managed to maintain its reputation as a "beautiful and damned" game , loved and hated until today by ordinary people, as by celebrities, used by families as a pastime and studied by professionals to try to find the best way to maximize results.

Its not quite clear origins surrounded this card game with an aura of mystery that has remained intact over the centuries, passing from land-based gambling houses and arriving to the present day to the newest versions in online casinos, brought directly to every single house of the modern punters. Indeed, we can safely say that online blackjack has a higher gear than that present in land-based casinos, because, in addition to not requiring a "physical" movement from your home, it allows you to have countless variations among which you can to choose. And, a non indifferent matter, it is possible to have unlimited time to make your own choices.